Hi, I'm Jennifer! I'm a holistic health & fitness enthusiast with a love for all natural remedies, functional training, healthy recipes and learning to listen to my body. 


Like many people who have made their way into the health and wellness arena, it was the things that I experienced in my past that led me here. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I dealt with a whole host of chronic inflammatory conditions, from eczema, acne, joint pain, anxiety, brain fog, and menstrual issues. I dismissed these symptoms because my doctors prescribed me antibiotics, steroid creams, and other pharmaceutical drugs and repeatedly reassured me that nothing was wrong with my body.


It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I developed an extremely severe rash across my face and neck that lasted over a year, did I really make a decision to take matters into my own hands and start on my health quest. Like William S. Burroughs said "desperation is the raw material of drastic change," and at this point, I was extremely desperate. 

Once I decided to take charge of my own health and happiness by adopting a whole foods diet, self-care practices and positive thinking, I started seeing significant improvements to all areas of my life. The key word here is decided because ultimately, we have to make a choice to take responsibility for our health. Now I am on a mission to inspire and educate others to realize the importance of what you put into your body and how healing food can be. 

I want to help others rediscover the joy of eating real food with practical nutrition advice and delicious whole food bite at a time!


Vancouver, BC